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Jams, Honey & Spreads


Johnny's Whisky BBQ Sauce 970ml

Johnny's Whisky BBQ Sauce 970ml Molasses, a pinch of cracked pepper, and Whiskey (denatured) make the perfect sauce for meat, pasta, or vegetables. When Johnny Meaker hopped on the boat to leave his beloved England behind, he held tight to a bottle of...

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Marmite - 600g

Marmite - 600g Yeast extract spread fortified with B vitamins Marmite Marmite Yeast Extract for Spreading: Spread thinly on toast.Marmite Yeast Extract for Cooking: To make a clear stock, use 30g Marmite Yeast Extract per litre of hot water.No MSG added...

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Nandos Medium Peri Peri Sauce 1ltr

Nandos Nando's Medium Peri Peri Sauce 1ltr Nando's Medium Peri Peri Marinade is a delicious blend of sun-ripened lemons, spices, garlic and Peri Peri to marinate your meat with. Peri Peri is an especially fiery little African Bird's Eye Chilli that...

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Rowse Blossom Honey Squeezable 1.36 Kg

Rowse Blossom Honey Squeezable 1.36kg Comes In100% Pure Natural Form With Pourable Bottle Smooth and Delicious Flavour Makes them Perfect For Spreading On Toast, Croissants Ideal For Use In Cooking, Baking and Garnishing of Desserts The perfect...

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Skippy Smooth Peanut Butter 1.13Kg

Skippy Smooth Peanut Butter, 1.13kg Skippy Peanut Butter not only has the creamy, peanutty taste your family will love, it also provides them with a good energy source. Every serving of Skippy Peanut Butter is a good source of protein to help fuel the...

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